Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Therapy Near Wyndmoor, PA

While overcoming the challenges of a mental health condition, traditional methods of therapy such as medication and psychotherapy may not be enough for lasting change. For this reason, WAVE Treatment Centers are proud to offer TMS Therapy near Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation or TMS is an alternative form of treatment that uses electromagnetic waves to stimulate certain areas of the brain.

A non-invasive procedure, TMS therapy is not to be confused with ECT or “shock therapy” which is an entirely different procedure. TMS can provide relief to those suffering from treatment-resistant depression with little to no side effects. At WAVE Treatment Centers, our transcranial magnetic stimulation programs can provide an alternative to medication as a means of relief for depression, as well as other mental health conditions.

The Need for TMS Therapy Near Wyndmoor, PA

A suburb of Philadelphia, nearly 6,000 people call Wyndmoor their home. Known for its pleasant mixture of rural and suburban atmosphere, in recent years Wyndmoor has become a destination for young families and retirees alike. Despite its many positive qualities, Wyndmoor is not immune to the pain caused by mental health disorders.

According to Montgomery County Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities, the suicide rates in Montgomery County, Philadelphia have risen above the yearly national average. As well, the yearly Pennsylvania state average on multiple occasions increased during the last 15 years. Additionally, suicide rates in Montgomery County have statistically affected men in larger numbers, with 73.4% of suicides being male.

Benefits of TMS Therapy

TMS therapy can be greatly beneficial to those struggling with a variety of mental health conditions, including depression and anxiety. TMS therapy can be a powerful tool in the ongoing fight against mental health disorder. TMS is also helpful by easing tension, promoting feelings of inner wellness, and lessening depression.

Because TMS is a non-invasive treatment procedure, there are little to no negative side effects associated with the process. Unlike pharmaceuticals and long-term prescriptions, TMS therapy can positively impact a person’s life without the consequences of certain medications. Our process of treatment typically lasts between four and six weeks.

The current standard protocols are TMS treatments once per day. However, in some cases we are able to provide patients TMS sessions up to five times per day. This dramatically reduces the number of treatment days. On average, those who undergo TMS therapy report seeing significant changes in their overall well-being between six months and a year after treatment.

As the patient goes through treatment and they improve, our clinicians will discuss methods that will best benefit them. There are also TMS maintenance protocols we can discuss if needed. Additionally, TMS therapy is a terrific option for those suffering from forms of treatment-resistant depression.

As an alternative form of treatment, TMS therapy can help the brain’s physiology in ways that other forms of treatment simply cannot. All in all, for those who feel like they have tried absolutely everything to combat depression and nothing has worked, TMS could be the best treatment opportunity for them.

Why Choose WAVE Treatment Centers for TMS

Here at WAVE Treatment Centers, we understand the nuances of mental health disorders. For this reason, we have dedicated ourselves to helping our patients find effective treatment for lasting relief. When a person walks through our doors, they receive an individual personalized plan of care. This is tailored to them made specifically to fit their unique needs. In doing this, we evaluate a person’s psychological, biological, and social aspects to provide them with the highest degree of care.

For those suffering from a mental health disorder, TMS therapy near Wyndmoor, Philadelphia can provide relief. As busy and hectic as life can get, one must never forget to put their own mental well being first. By giving oneself the gift of effective treatment, a person can regain their footing, develop positive habits, and begin living the life they were meant to.

TMS Therapy Near Wyndmoor, PA

WAVE Treatment Centers are proud to offer aid to those struggling with mental health disorders from the Wyndmoor area and surrounding areas. Our highly-trained staff and welcoming atmosphere are ready to help you during each step of your recovery journey. Allow our team of highly skilled and compassionate professionals to give you the tools necessary for lasting recovery. There has never been a better time to give yourself or your loved one the treatment they deserve.

Give us a call or visit our contact page today to take the first steps in your recovery journey.

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