Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Therapy Near Flourtown

When overcoming a mental health condition, sometimes traditional methods of therapy such as medication and/or psychotherapy are not enough. Furthermore, if someone or a loved one has suffered from treatment-resistant depression (TRD) then it can be frustrating to seek treatment and find no relief. For this reason, WAVE Treatment Centers are proud to offer transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) as an alternative form of care to our patients. TMS therapy near Flourtown, Pennsylvania can help to ease suffering and promote feelings of inner wellness. 

TMS therapy works through the use of electromagnetic waves. These waves stimulate inactive or dormant parts of the brain when a person suffers  a mental health condition. This process allows the symptoms of depression and other mental health conditions to be greatly lessened with little to no side effects. At WAVE Treatment Centers, our non-invasive TMS therapies can provide alternative treatment and lasting relief.

Benefits of TMS Therapy Near Flourtown

For those struggling with mental health conditions including anxiety and depression, this therapy near Flourtown can have a very positive impact. TMS is NOT to be confused with ECT or “shock therapy” which is entirely different. In fact, TMS therapy is a non-invasive method of treatment. This means that our patients experience little to no discomfort at all during their treatment sessions. 

Through a process called neuroplasticity, TMS therapy uses magnetic pulse waves to restore activity and the connection between certain regions of the brain. This is because during depression, certain areas of the brain may shut down or become inactive. When a person receives TMS treatment, these regions are re-awakened, restoring normal physiology. This results in feelings of inner wellness and personal well-being. 

Generally, upon completion of one of our TMS programs, our patients see significant relief from their mental health conditions. On average, this relief lasts between six months and one year after treatment has been completed. WAVE clinicians will discuss techniques to improve the durability to promote the greatest benefits. Additionally, because TMS therapy is non-invasive and includes little to no side effects, it is a significantly safer choice than turning to medications or pharmaceuticals.

Why Choose TMS Therapy

Being a non-invasive method of treatment, TMS therapy near Flourtown offers many of the benefits of other forms of treatment. Fortunately, this can occur without the added concern of negative side effects. By giving a person peace of mind in this regard, one can focus solely on their own personal healing journey. 

As an alternative means of therapy, TMS has become a haven for those suffering from forms of treatment-resistant depression. TMS attacks mental health conditions at their source. Therefore, it can break through the treatment barriers many traditional forms of therapy cannot penetrate.

TMS treatment is in no way impairing to patients. As well, their motor functions will remain completely intact throughout the treatment process. While some treatments can leave a person dizzy or disoriented, TMS treatment keeps a person fully cognizant. In fact, many of our patients attend sessions before or after school and work. Once their session has ended, they are able to go about their day, driving and doing any activities they please without fear of negative side effects.

WAVE Treatment Centers for TMS

At WAVE Treatment Centers, we understand the intricacies of mental health disorders. For this reason, we have made it our mission to provide quality alternative care. In addition, we provide standard care options that can change lives for the better.

Upon walking through our doors, a person will be presented with an individualized treatment plan. The plan is tailored to fit their specific needs in order to ensure quality treatment. We evaluate a person’s social, psychological, and biological aspects in order to best create a treatment plan that is right for them. 

Typically, a person attends treatment sessions once per day for around six weeks. After this process, our patients enjoy between six months to a year of relief from their symptoms. There are additional options for TMS maintenance treatments which may offer an alternative to repeating a full course of TMS if the symptoms were to return.

TMS Therapy Near Flourtown

At WAVE Treatment Centers, our highly-trained clinicians and staff strive to provide a caring atmosphere to help you during each step of your recovery journey. With evidence based TMS therapy options, outpatient detox programs, and a plethora of other treatment modalities, we have the tools necessary to help you overcome mental health disorder and to start living the life you were meant for. There has never been a better time to reclaim your freedom from the hardships that mental health disorder brings.

Contact us today, and take the first steps in your journey to lasting wellness.

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